Are momos called dumplings?

Have you ever heard of momos? If not, then you’re missing out! These delicious dumplings have been around for centuries and have become a favorite snack in countries all over the world. But are momos really dumplings? Let’s take a closer look.

What are Momos?

Momos are small, steamed dumplings that are usually filled with ground meat or vegetables. They originated in Tibet and Nepal, but now they can be found in many Asian countries like India, Nepal, and Bhutan. The outside is made of dough that has been stretched into thin wrappers, while the inside can contain a variety of fillings like pork, beef, chicken, cheese, spinach, cabbage, onions, and more.

Are Momos Dumplings?

The answer to this depends on who you ask—some people think that momos are a type of dumpling while others may view them as something entirely different. In general terms though, it is safe to say that momos can be classified as dumplings due to their similarities in shape and filling ingredients. Additionally, both momos and dumplings are typically cooked by steaming or boiling them in water or broth.

In terms of differences between the two dishes however, there is one major factor which sets them apart—flavor! While both dishes share similar ingredients such as dough wrappers and fillings like pork or beef for example; momo wrappers tend to have a slightly thicker texture than traditional dumpling wrappers. Moreover; when it comes to flavor profile; momo fillings tend to be spicier than their more mild-mannered counterparts – adding an extra kick of flavor when you bite into them!


In conclusion; although there is some debate over whether or not they should technically be classified as “dumplings” – it is safe to say that momos can certainly be enjoyed as part of a delicious meal alongside other types of dumplings like potstickers or wontons! So if you’ve never tried one before; why not give it a go next time your stomach starts rumbling for something hot and savory! You won’t regret it!


1. What are momos?

Momos are small, steamed dumplings that are typically filled with ground meat or vegetables, and originally came from Tibet and Nepal. They have since become a popular snack in many Asian countries, including India, Nepal, and Bhutan.

2. How are momos different from dumplings?

While both dishes generally include similar ingredients like dough wrappers and fillings like ground meat or vegetables, momos often have a thicker texture than traditional dumpling wrappers, and tend to be spicier in flavor. Additionally, the way that they are cooked differs slightly, with momos usually being steamed or boiled in water or broth, while dumplings are typically fried.