Is Circle Medical Legit

circle medical legitimacy inquiry

After thorough examination, Circle Medical appears legitimate with Dr. Tom Lee at its helm, specialized services like ADHD diagnosis, and tailored care plans offering. The organization's commitment to swift prescription delivery also enhances its credibility. Therefore, Circle Medical seems to meet the standards of a trustworthy healthcare provider.

Key Takeaways

  • Founded by Dr. Tom Lee in 2015.
  • Offers ADHD diagnosis with licensed professionals.
  • Provides personalized care plans and prompt prescriptions.
  • Accepts insurance plans like Aetna and Blue Cross.
  • Ensures accessibility, transparency, and quality care.

Circle Medical Background

Founded in 2015 by Dr. Tom Lee, Circle Medical is a virtual healthcare company specializing in remote consultations and evaluations. With licensed providers, they conduct video chat evaluations, particularly excelling in ADHD diagnosis.

Circle Medical offers personalized care plans for individuals, ensuring tailored treatment. Additionally, their coordination with pharmacies guarantees the prompt delivery of prescriptions, crucial for managing ADHD effectively.

Dr. Tom Lee's vision for Circle Medical has paved the way for accessible and quality virtual healthcare services, making healthcare more convenient for patients needing specialized care like ADHD diagnosis and treatment.

Services Offered by Circle Medical

Circle Medical offers a variety of extensive healthcare services, including full-service primary care, annual physicals/wellness exams, gender-affirming hormone therapy, chronic disease management, and blood tests.

Circle Medical providers cater to more than 50,000 patients monthly.

Acceptance of various insurance plans like Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Video appointments available in 25+ states for added convenience.

Emphasis on accessible healthcare with same-day service benefits.

Focus on chronic disease management and primary care clinic services for overall wellness.

Provider Qualifications and Expertise

Provider qualifications and expertise at Circle Medical are paramount to ensuring high-quality care for patients seeking ADHD diagnosis and treatment. All providers are licensed physicians or nurse practitioners with specific experience in ADHD. Their expertise guarantees a high level of knowledge and competency in evaluating and managing ADHD. Objective testing tools are utilized to enhance diagnostic accuracy. Patients benefit from personalized treatment plans tailored to their unique needs, along with thorough support for effective management. Circle Medical's focus on individualized care sets them apart in providing ADHD diagnosis services.

Provider Qualifications and Expertise
Licensed Physicians
Nurse Practitioners
Expertise in ADHD Diagnosis and Treatment
Use of Objective Testing Tools

Reviews and Testimonials Analysis

In evaluating the legitimacy of Circle Medical, a variety of reviews and testimonials provide insights into patient experiences.

  • Satisfaction levels vary among patients, with some expressing contentment with the services and providers.
  • Concerns about billing practices and prescription handling have been raised, casting doubts on the overall legitimacy.
  • Instances of disorganization and missed appointments have impacted the perception of Circle Medical's credibility.
  • The debate on Circle Medical's legitimacy stems from a mix of positive and negative reviews.
  • Patient experiences play an important role in shaping the understanding of Circle Medical's overall legitimacy.

Cost and Insurance Coverage

When considering the cost and insurance coverage for ADHD diagnosis at Circle Medical, patients endeavor a standard fee of $199. This fee covers the services provided during the evaluation process.

Insurance coverage may help offset this cost, with plans like Aetna, Anthem Blue Cross, and Cigna being accepted. Patients are advised to check with their insurance provider to understand the extent of their coverage for ADHD diagnosis at Circle Medical.

The final out-of-pocket expenses can vary depending on individual insurance benefits. Circle Medical aims to make healthcare accessible and transparent, ensuring that patients are informed about both the cost of services and the potential insurance coverage available to them.

Comparison With Competitors

Circle Medical's approach to ADHD diagnosis sets it apart from competitors in the virtual healthcare industry.

  • Licensed Physicians and Nurse Practitioners: Circle Medical provides ADHD diagnosis services through qualified healthcare professionals.
  • Personalized Treatment Plans: Tailored care plans are designed to meet individual needs for managing ADHD effectively.
  • Objective Testing Tools: Utilization of evidence-based tools guarantees accurate and reliable diagnosis of ADHD.
  • Cost and Insurance Coverage: The $199 fee for ADHD diagnosis may be covered by insurance, offering financial flexibility for patients.
  • Convenience: Remote consultations and emphasis on convenience make accessing ADHD diagnosis and treatment easier for individuals seeking care.

Accessibility and Convenience

Enhancing accessibility and convenience, Circle Medical's app streamlines the entire appointment process for patients. With immediate scheduling options and a swift 5-minute setup via Apple Pay, accessing care is made easy.

Through the app, users can efficiently manage their appointments, including video appointments available in over 25 states. This feature not only enhances accessibility but also broadens the reach of healthcare services.

Circle Medical's platform caters to various medical needs, from primary care services to chronic disease management, all accessible at the touch of a button. Additionally, by accepting most PPO insurance plans, Circle Medical ensures that patients can conveniently access quality care while maintaining affordability.

This commitment to accessibility and convenience underscores Circle Medical's dedication to patient-centric healthcare delivery.

Potential Limitations and Drawbacks

The virtual evaluation constraints and potential subjectivity in diagnosis are key considerations regarding Circle Medical's ADHD diagnosis service.

  • Time constraints may affect the thoroughness of assessments.
  • Costs of $199 could be a barrier, even with insurance coverage.
  • Subjectivity in diagnosis may lead to varying interpretations.
  • Virtual evaluations may not fully replace the benefits of in-person assessments.
  • Balancing personalized treatment plans with limitations of virtual care can impact overall satisfaction.

Addressing Common Concerns

Addressing common concerns surrounding virtual healthcare services for ADHD diagnosis involves evaluating the effectiveness and limitations of remote consultations. Patients per month use Circle Medical for ADHD diagnosis, benefiting from video appointments with trusted primary care providers.

While some may worry about urgent issues being adequately addressed through virtual consultations, Circle Medical guarantees licensed physicians or nurse practitioners provide expert ADHD diagnosis and personalized treatment plans. Insurance coverage may be available, with the cost for ADHD diagnosis set at $199.

Final Verdict: Legitimacy of Circle Medical

Upon thorough evaluation of Circle Medical's services for ADHD diagnosis, it's evident that the legitimacy of their virtual healthcare platform is substantiated by their experienced licensed providers and tailored treatment approach.

  • Circle Medical offers remote consultations for ADHD diagnosis.
  • All providers are licensed physicians or nurse practitioners.
  • Patients receive personalized treatment plans and access to objective testing tools.
  • Ongoing support for ADHD care is provided.
  • Reviews highlight knowledgeable providers and satisfaction with treatment plans.

Circle Medical's commitment to quality care through knowledgeable providers, tailored treatment plans, and ongoing support solidifies the legitimacy of their ADHD diagnosis service, ensuring patients receive thorough and reliable healthcare remotely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is Circle Medical Owned By?

Circle Medical is owned by Circle Medical Technologies Inc. Founded by Dr. Tom Lee in 2015, it offers virtual primary care services. With a focus on efficiency and trustworthiness, Circle Medical aims to provide high-quality healthcare through technology.

Does Circle Medical Prescribe Vyvanse?

Yes, Circle Medical prescribes Vyvanse for ADHD treatment. Vyvanse is effective in managing symptoms, but requires a prescription from providers after considering individual needs. Side effects, dosage, alternatives, long-term use, interactions, abuse potential, and withdrawal symptoms should be discussed with providers.

Who Is Circle Medical Competitors?

In the domain of telehealth platforms, Circle Medical competes with online pharmacies, virtual healthcare providers, and telemedicine services. Its rivals include primary care clinics, urgent care centers, and health insurance-backed digital health companies.


Based on the thorough evaluation of Circle Medical's background, services, provider qualifications, reviews, costs, and accessibility, it can be concluded that Circle Medical appears to be a legitimate healthcare provider.

While there may be some limitations and concerns to take into account, overall, the evidence suggests that Circle Medical is a reputable option for those seeking medical care.