Is Medcerts Legit

medcerts legitimacy and reviews

After deep analysis, I can confirm that MedCerts is indeed legitimate. It offers quality healthcare and IT certifications with accreditation from respected bodies like NHA, PTCB, and BACB. The program has a strong reputation, aiding over 35,000 students in career advancement since 2009. The institution provides tailored support services, job placement assistance, and personalized help for each student. Positive feedback and testimonials underline its effectiveness in preparing individuals for the job market. MedCerts stands out for its high standards in career training education and its commitment to student success and personal growth. Rest assured, MedCerts is a reputable choice for certification programs.

Key Takeaways

  • Accreditation by reputable bodies like NHA, PTCB, and BACB.
  • Positive student experiences and testimonials.
  • Mission to ensure successful entry into the job market.
  • Widely recognized in the field of career training programs.
  • Adds to credibility and trustworthiness of MedCerts.

Program Reputation

When evaluating MedCerts' program reputation, a critical review of customer feedback provides insight into the effectiveness and support of their offerings. Some concerns raised include program effectiveness, support, and accreditation issues. Negative feedback has highlighted complaints about inconsistencies in customer experiences and a lack of responses.

Despite offering career services and clinical support, MedCerts faces criticism regarding program satisfaction. Customer experiences vary, with a notable portion expressing dissatisfaction with MedCerts' programs. It's crucial to take these aspects into account when evaluating the overall reputation of MedCerts' educational programs. Addressing these issues could enhance program quality and potentially improve overall customer satisfaction and outcomes.

Student Feedback

Positive student feedback regarding MedCerts underscores the exceptional support and guidance provided by staff members like Eddie Switkowski, Tina, and Rachael. The table below showcases key aspects highlighted in the positive feedback received:

Positive FeedbackHighlighted QualitiesMentioned Staff
Detailed explanationsKindnessEddie Switkowski
Coaching supportClear guidanceRachael
Affordable training programsCareer training

The positive feedback not only emphasizes the quality of healthcare and IT certifications but also recognizes the professionalism and coaching support provided by MedCerts staff. This feedback indicates a commitment to detailed explanations and affordable, career-focused training programs.

Job Placement Success

Demonstrating a strong commitment to student success, MedCerts offers thorough job placement assistance to facilitate graduates' move into their desired careers. By partnering with academic institutions and healthcare employers, MedCerts guarantees that graduates receive the necessary support to smoothly enter the workforce.

The focus on job placement success is evident through the numerous reports of successful job placements across various industries. Graduates have expressed positive feedback on the effectiveness of MedCerts' job placement assistance, highlighting the company's dedication to helping individuals secure employment in their chosen fields.

This emphasis on job placement reflects MedCerts' mission to not only provide quality education but also to ensure that graduates can successfully enter the job market.

Support Services Overview

MedCerts' all-encompassing support services include career guidance, academic advising, and assistance in securing clinical placements for students. The personalized support offered by MedCerts guarantees students receive the necessary guidance to stay on track with their programs and achieve their career goals.

They provide flexible online classes designed for ease of access and understanding, complemented by excellent telephone support. Students benefit from overcoming study challenges, enhancing computer skills, and moving into new careers with confidence.

Positive experiences shared by students highlight the significant impact of MedCerts' support services on career advancement and marketability. This extensive support system contributes to a safe and structured learning environment, fostering success and growth for individuals seeking to advance their careers.

Personal Growth Opportunities

Moving from the extensive support services offered by MedCerts, individuals can further their personal growth through specialized career training programs in healthcare and IT fields. These nationally accredited programs not only focus on certification but also provide thorough training to enhance career prospects.

The guidance and support available assist students in overcoming challenges and developing new skills essential for success in the job market. With the help of dedicated advisors, individuals can navigate the intricacies of the programs, improve their computer skills, and advance their careers.

Advisor Guidance

Students at MedCerts benefit greatly from the personalized guidance and support provided by dedicated advisors, ensuring their success in achieving their goals. The advisor guidance plays a pivotal role in program navigation, especially for students shifting to new careers like Health Information Management. These advisors offer personalized assistance, creating a supportive environment that fosters a positive learning experience. Through this support system, students can achieve personal growth and development while enhancing their chances of success in their chosen career paths. The advisor guidance at MedCerts not only helps students chart their academic journey but also provides the necessary support for their overall well-being during this critical phase.

Advisor GuidanceBenefits
Personalized assistanceTailored support
Supportive environmentPositive learning experience
Program navigationEffective career shift
Student successEnhanced chances of success
Personal growthDevelopment opportunities

Student Satisfaction Rates

Amid varying customer reviews, there exist instances of student satisfaction and positive feedback regarding their experiences with MedCerts. Students have praised the support and guidance received during their time at MedCerts, especially in programs like the Information Technician course. Many have highlighted the positive impact MedCerts programs have had on their career advancement, with some landing their dream jobs post-graduation.

The BBB Business Profiles show a trend of satisfied students who appreciate the flexible online classes and career services provided by MedCerts. National Healthcareer training programs have been instrumental in not only enhancing skills but also fostering personal growth. Overall, student satisfaction rates point towards a beneficial experience with MedCerts.

Impact on Careers

With a proven track record of training over 35,000 students since 2009, MedCerts greatly enhances career opportunities through its nationally accredited programs and industry-recognized certifications. MedCerts' programs are listed on over thirty State Approved Training Provider Lists (ETPLs), solidifying their legitimacy. Accreditation by reputable bodies like the National Healthcareer Association (NHA) and the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) adds credibility to the certifications offered. The partnership with the Department of Defense's MyCAA program and recognition by CompTIA and AHIMA further validate the quality of education provided. Overall, MedCerts' track record of success and industry recognition demonstrate the company's commitment to providing valuable training that can positively impact individuals' careers.

Nationally Accredited ProgramsEnhance career opportunities
Industry RecognitionCompTIA and AHIMA recognition
Credibility of Certification ProgramsAccreditation by reputable bodies like NHA and PTCB

Supportive Environment

Establishing a nurturing environment conducive to learning and growth, MedCerts guarantees that individuals receive the necessary support to excel in their career training programs. The supportive environment at MedCerts includes:

  • Providing guidance and encouragement to overcome study challenges.
  • Offering effective support to stay on track and succeed in career training programs.
  • Fostering a positive experience through a nurturing learning environment.
  • Assisting in moving to new careers and developing computer skills.
  • Facilitating personal growth and life-changing experiences through instrumental advisor support.

Student Testimonials

Upon reviewing numerous student testimonials, it's evident that MedCerts' legitimacy and impact on individuals' career training journeys are widely praised and acknowledged.

Student feedback, such as that from Mark, Ana Peralta-Quiros, and Eddie Switkowski, highlights the positive experiences and benefits gained through MedCerts' training programs. Recommendations from students like H.S., Jon, and Nikki emphasize the credibility and support provided by MedCerts.

Testimonials from Tina, Rachael, and Margie further showcase the exceptional guidance and care offered by the institution. Additionally, MedCerts' accreditation by reputable bodies like NHA, PTCB, and BACB adds to its credibility.

With over 35,000 students trained since 2009, MedCerts continues to prove its legitimacy and effectiveness in the field of career-focused education.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Medcerts a Reliable Program?

As for program effectiveness, student satisfaction, job placement, industry recognition, course curriculum, instructor qualifications, online support, certification process, career advancement, and employer partnerships, MedCerts is a reliable choice, proven through accreditation, licensing, and a strong track record.

Is Medcerts Nationally Accredited?

Yes, MedCerts is nationally accredited, ensuring certification validity and high-quality courses. Industry recognition and program benefits enhance career advancement. With employer acceptance, online learning, and a positive student experience, MedCerts opens doors to various job opportunities.

Does Medcerts Give You a Laptop?

I am responsible for providing my own laptop for MedCerts online courses. The focus is on career training, not laptops. MedCerts prioritizes supporting students in achieving career goals over providing laptops.

How Long Has Medcerts Been in Business?

Medcerts history spans 14 years, offering various training programs, certification options, and industry partnerships. They prioritize student support, yet job placement isn't guaranteed. Reviews indicate mixed success rates, but the company maintains a professional reputation.


Based on the research conducted, MedCerts appears to be a legitimate program with positive student feedback, high job placement success rates, and a supportive environment.

The program offers valuable support services, personal growth opportunities, and has a significant impact on students' careers.

Overall, MedCerts seems to be a reputable and effective option for individuals looking to further their education and advance in their careers.