What do you eat with a casserole?

Casseroles are a great dish for busy weeknights because they are easy to make, can usually be made with ingredients you already have on hand, and are delicious. But what do you serve on the side of your casserole? We’re here to give you some ideas for side dishes that will make your casserole meal complete.

Salad or Greens

A crisp salad is a great way to add color, flavor, and texture to your meal. You can use any type of lettuce or greens that you like. For something extra special, mix in some fresh herbs or dried fruits. If you want to get fancy, top it off with a creamy homemade dressing like ranch or Caesar. It’s also a great way to add fiber and vitamins to your meal!


Vegetables are always a great option when serving casseroles. Roasted vegetables like Brussels sprouts, asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, green beans, and mushrooms—the options are endless! You can also steam them if you don’t want the extra fat from roasting them in oil. Or if you’re feeling daring, try making roasted vegetables with herbs and spices for added flavor!


Bread such as cornbread or biscuits pair perfectly with casseroles. Cornbread is especially popular in the South where it originated but is now enjoyed by people all over the world. It has a sweet taste that complements savory dishes like casseroles quite nicely. Biscuits are also delicious with casseroles; just be sure not to leave them out too long because they won’t be as fluffy after sitting for too long!


Whether you’re looking for something light and healthy or something more indulgent and comforting, there are plenty of side dish options that go perfectly with casseroles. Salads and greens provide color and crunch while roasted vegetables add flavor and texture. And bread such as biscuits or cornbread completes the meal nicely. Now that you know what goes best with casserole dishes—it’s time to get cooking!

How do you eat a casserole?

Not everyone knows how to eat a casserole, but it’s actually quite simple. You just need to scoop the contents with a fork and then slide them onto your plate. Some people choose to cut the casserole in half before sliding it onto their plate, but it depends on the type of casserole you’re eating.

If you’re eating a casserole with pasta, it’s best to cut the pasta in half before sliding it onto your plate. You should also be sure that you use a fork and spoon when eating a casserole, as this helps to keep things neat and tidy.

What are some of the best casserole recipes?

There are many different types of casserole recipes, but some of the most popular ones include chicken pot pie, beef stew, and loaded baked potato casserole. These recipes typically involve a combination of meat, vegetables, cheese, and other flavorful ingredients, which makes them both hearty and delicious.

If you’re looking for something tasty that is easy to make, a casserole is a perfect choice. Whether you’re looking for something classic or more adventurous, there are tons of great recipes to choose from.

What can you put in a casserole?

There are many different ingredients that you can put in a casserole, including meat, vegetables, cheese, pasta, rice, and various spices and seasonings. Some popular choices include ground beef or ground turkey, potatoes or sweet potatoes, green beans or other types of veggies, and plenty of cheese for added flavor and richness. You can also choose to add different types of pasta, rice, or grains to your casserole for a more filling and hearty meal.

Additionally, there are many herbs and spices that you can use to give your casserole an extra pop of flavor, such as garlic, onion, rosemary, thyme, paprika, cumin, oregano, or cayenne pepper. So whether you’re looking for something simple and classic or something a little more adventurous, there are many great options when it comes to casseroles.

What is the difference between a casserole and a pot pie?

There are many different types of casseroles and pot pies, but generally speaking, a casserole is a dish that is made by layering ingredients such as meat, vegetables, cheese, and grains in a baking dish and then cooking it in the oven until everything is hot and bubbly. In contrast, a pot pie is typically made by combining meat, vegetables, and a flavorful sauce in a baking dish or pan and then baking it until the crust is golden brown.

Both casseroles and pot pies can be delicious and satisfying comfort foods, but they do tend to differ in terms of preparation and ingredients. So if you’re looking for something hearty and comforting to enjoy, be sure to explore the many different types of casseroles and pot pies out there.